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30 Reasons Why Free Blogging Platforms Suck

Anything that is free is very enticing. Most people just go for it because what’s there to lose? This, however, is not the case for blogging platforms, especially if you are an aspiring blogger. There are a lot of companies offering free blogging platforms. Even WordPress offer them.

You may wonder, why do they offer them for free? If these free services are so good, why isn’t everyone going with a free WordPress page? In this post, we’re going to share 30 reasons why these free blogging platforms are a no-go for aspiring bloggers. Continue reading

Squarespace vs WordPress

If you’re thinking of starting up a website, whether it be an e-commerce store, a blog or some other type of internet presence, then one of the key decisions you’ll have to make is the platform you’ll use to power it. It’s important to get this correct from the start because it will affect not only the experience you have while composing your pages and posts but also the way your content appears to your users. When it comes time to monetize your website, you’ll undoubtedly be held back if you chose unwisely at the beginning of your endeavors. Continue reading

BoldGrid: The Best WordPress Website Builder?

There is a saying in the web community when it comes to web design: WYSIWYG. This stands for: What You See Is What You Get. In a majority of cases – theme developers sell themes that have to be rebuilt from scratch to imitate what inspired a customer to buy via the marketplace. You have to download dummy text, populate your theme with all of the presets, and hope that the functionality that inspired you to buy the theme will cross over from your purchase. This can be taxing, time-consuming and a big headache. Continue reading


The Best WordPress Hosting Companies

If you’re new to the world of managing websites, then it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of available choices of hosting providers. You’re probably looking for reliability and speed at a price that won’t break the bank. Particularly if your WordPress site is just getting off the ground, you’ll want to find the best WordPress hosting companies that use a shared server model. A dedicated server will just be too costly and is overkill for the vast majority of sites. Continue reading

Blogger vs WordPress

If there’s anything a business or personal brand needs to succeed, it’s a great website. This means high quality information, a professional look and feel and, of course, a content publishing platform. A marketing method that’s affordable, easy, and extremely effective, content distribution is a must-have for any business on the rise. And what does that mean for you? That’s right: a blog and the question of Blogger vs WordPress. Continue reading


15 Things Your New Blog Needs For Success

If you’ve recently created your own WordPress blog – well done, you’re one step further into the blogosphere! Now, as you’re still getting to grips with maintaining and building your own blog, there are a number of additional things you can do to help increase the success of your blog, and reduce potential headaches further down the line.

From increasing your Google rankings to protecting the security of your blog, there’s a vast array of things you can utilize, so we’ve put together some top tips below, including some of the best plugins that are available through WordPress. Continue reading