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Wix vs. WordPress

For anyone who’s planning on establishing a solid web presence in the near future, the choice of which website software to use could have an ongoing impact on the success of the site. There are countless possibilities when it comes to the technology you use to power your website, and two of the most prominent are WordPress and Wix. I’ll go over both solutions in detail so that you can learn who triumphs in the Wix vs WordPress contest. Continue reading

Squarespace vs WordPress

If you’re thinking of starting up a website, whether it be an e-commerce store, a blog or some other type of internet presence, then one of the key decisions you’ll have to make is the platform you’ll use to power it. It’s important to get this correct from the start because it will affect not only the experience you have while composing your pages and posts but also the way your content appears to your users. When it comes time to monetize your website, you’ll undoubtedly be held back if you chose unwisely at the beginning of your endeavors. Continue reading

InMotion Hosting vs. HostGator

[Image of Inmotion vs HostGator]

When starting a brand-new website, one of the key decisions you have to make is the selection of a top-notch hosting provider. There are very many companies to choose from, so it can take a while to sort through them all and make a sensible choice. Today, I’ve decided to take a look at two popular hosting sites, InMotion Hosting vs. HostGator, and give you some solid information about their strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading

Bluehost vs GoDaddy

[Image of Bluehost vs GoDaddy]

If you’re about to begin developing a new blog or other website, then your choice of hosting provider is one of the key decisions you have to make. Shared hosting is probably the way to go, at least initially, because it represents the best balance between cost and performance. GoDaddy has made quite a name for itself in this space, partially because of its creative advertising campaigns, but Bluehost is also a worthy contender. I’ve created this detailed comparison of Bluehost vs GoDaddy so that you can get an idea of the best solution for your specific needs. Continue reading