I’m Arlie Wall, and I’ve been working with websites for years. In fact, I’ve been involved with the web so long, I saw the beginning of web-logging; before it was even shortened to “blog”. I know what works, and what doesn’t.


When it all started, no one knew quite how to approach blogging. As it’s grown, the way it’s done has steadily changed. While today’s environment isn’t so fast-paced as when the Internet was still almost entirely novel, technology does continue its march forward. And, while trends will come and trends will go, regardless of the Internet’s continuing universality, or technology’s exponential growth, people are always going to need to write about it. Before blogging, people communicated socially in a less technologically-endowed form. If writing transcends the written word and becomes some kind of entirely visual expression, people will still be communicating ideas that follow the same spirit. The thing about people is, thoughts, ideas, experiences—these are interesting to writers and readers. People just love to share such things, and they’re going to keep doing that.

What is How To Start A Blog 101?

How to Start a Blog 101 is home to an easy step-by-step guide on how to start a blog; a spot I can use to springboard my own experiences and tips on beginning a blog, and what successfully creates a following. I’ve got a great wealth of information to bring to the table, and I can save you much time and aggravation. I began to think to myself: why shouldn’t I just help anyone who needs the assistance in starting a blog? It’s hard to know where to begin, sometimes, and getting that ball rolling is where the need lies. So I’ve created How to Start a Blog 101 in order to help others successfully blog.

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