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BoldGrid: The Best WordPress Website Builder?

There is a saying in the web community when it comes to web design: WYSIWYG. This stands for: What You See Is What You Get. In a majority of cases – theme developers sell themes that have to be rebuilt from scratch to imitate what inspired a customer to buy via the marketplace. You have to download dummy text, populate your theme with all of the presets, and hope that the functionality that inspired you to buy the theme will cross over from your purchase. This can be taxing, time-consuming and a big headache. Continue reading


15 Things Your New Blog Needs For Success

If you’ve recently created your own WordPress blog – well done, you’re one step further into the blogosphere! Now, as you’re still getting to grips with maintaining and building your own blog, there are a number of additional things you can do to help increase the success of your blog, and reduce potential headaches further down the line.

From increasing your Google rankings to protecting the security of your blog, there’s a vast array of things you can utilize, so we’ve put together some top tips below, including some of the best plugins that are available through WordPress. Continue reading